The International Surfing Association (ISA) is pleased to announce that Surf City El Salvador will host the 2024 ISA World Longboard Championship (WLC) at El Sunzal, April 18 – 25.

The 2024 WLC will follow the record-breaking 2023 edition, also hosted by Surf City El Salvador, where 118 surfers from 33 nations were present to challenge for the world championship in pristine conditions at El Sunzal.

The idyllic points of Surf City El Salvador are a dream location for longboarders and the continued support of the Salvadoran government will allow the world’s best to showcase the unique nature of the sport and its viability for inclusion in the LA 2028 Olympic Games.

The 2023 WLC was dominated by Team France, who won the Team World Championship Trophy. France’s Alice Lemoigne and Antoine Delpero won the gold medals in the women’s and men’s divisions respectively, while Edouard Delpero took home the men’s bronze medal and Zoé Grospiron earned the women’s copper medal.

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:

“El Sunzal is such an amazing wave for longboard. I am looking forward to seeing the world’s best longboarders return in 2024 after such a wonderful event in 2023.

“We are determined to see longboarding on the programme of the LA 2028 Olympic Games and have no doubt that the performances delivered in 2024 will be worthy of inclusion on sporting’s biggest stage.”

The combination of this ISA Event and other major sporting events consolidates El Salvador as a leading host destination, promoting tourism, investment and showcasing the country’s image on a global scale.”