Secret spots you might not know about El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and is recognized worldwide for its great right waves considered of high level and quality for surfing. However, it is also a country full of extraordinary corners that you might not know.   

In this blog article we will introduce you to some of the most mysterious and unknown places in El Salvador.  

The attraction for the unknown is something inevitable for humans. El Salvador is a country very visited by surfers, places like Punta Roca, El Sunzal, El Zonte or Puerto de la Libertad receive many people every year. But, even so, there are still virgin and hidden places in this wonderful country very few know.  

Malacatiupan Waterfall in Atiquizaya Ahuachapan, Dream Waterfalls  

Malacatiupan Waterfall, is composed of three waterfalls of thermal waters that fall more than 12 meters high and end in a base of crystalline waters. This magnificent place is located in the municipality of Atiquizaya, in the department of Ahuachapán, 82.7 km away from the capital and about 25 minutes from the town.   

One of the most curious peculiarities of the waterfall is that the second and third waterfalls are divided by a rock that resembles the face of a monkey.   

How to get there? If you are coming from San Salvador, take the road to Los Chorros in the direction of Ahuachapán. Then, look for the detour to Atiquizaya. From the town, take a cobblestone road for about 10 minutes (5 kilometers), until you reach a narrow bridge. On the right hand side you will find the entrance to the waterfall.   

The magic of the three waterfalls formed between rocks and lots of vegetation will leave you speechless!  

Mandala Eco Villas, Perfect for disconnecting and reconnecting  

This place is located in the heart of Surf City, but it is slightly away from the traffic and tourist focus, so you will feel as if you were transported to a different place. This is an amazing space to visit the beach and have a nice healthy breakfast. In addition, you can enjoy the best sunrises in the country and practice yoga to disconnect from everything for a few minutes. It is located in Playa del Cocal about 35 km from San Salvador and 1 km from the bypass of the road to Surf City.   

How to get there? To get there from San Salvador, take the road to Puerto La Libertad, keep to the right and take the road to Surf City. Turn slightly to the right towards CA-2 passing through Canarias, El Salvador, and you will have arrived. 

El Palmarcito and Atami, want to surf?  

El Palmarcito is one of the best beaches in El Salvador to learn to surf and offers one of the best places to stay and feel at home, the Atami resort. It is one of the beach hotels in El Salvador, located in Tamanique so if you want to relax, surf or watch a sunset on the beach this is your destination. Just 40 minutes from San Salvador this place will give you multiple experiences, in a totally natural environment where you can enjoy many different activities.   

How to get here? When traveling by car and coming from San Salvador, you must take the CA-4 highway to get to La Libertad, take the bypass road to Surf City and head west on the CA-2 highway, when you are at kilometer 51 you will see a sign indicating the entrance to Atami and then the entrance to El Palmarcito beach. 

Viewpoints worth visiting for its spectacular views    

Viewpoint of the Cien Gradas, Alegria, Usulutan   

This viewpoint is located in the city of Alegria located in the department of Usulutan. It is a city with a very strong potential for tourism. Alegria is characterized by the warmth of its people and the great natural beauty of its landscapes; a beautiful and cozy tourist paradise that will transport you to the purest Salvadoran beauty. It is located in the north of the department of Usulután, about 142 km from downtown San Salvador.   

Viewpoint La Ventana Jucuaran   

Jucuaran is a very beautiful municipality located in the department of Usulután. It is known for having a great variety of touristic and very visited places. The Mirador La Ventana is one of them and offers spectacular views where you can see beaches such as Los Mangos, La Ventana and Punta Mango.   

TayuaBosque, A delicious meal among the trees     

Restaurant located in Concepción de Ataco in the middle of a small cypress forest in the coffee mountain. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is characterized by its handmade and high quality products.  The deepest essence of this place is the healthy and artisanal food, this restaurant produces part of its vegetables, breads, sausages, cheeses and smoked hams. To access this place it is important to make a reservation in advance.   

Have we made you want to visit each and every one of the places mentioned above? We are waiting for you in Surf City, El Salvador to discover them. In addition, there are countless other locations that we are sure you will love.  

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