SURFCITY, venue of the ALAS PRO TOUR 2021

On December 2, 2021, an important continental competition from South America was inaugurated in Surf City El Salvador: The ALAS PRO TOUR 2021. The event began with an opening ceremony and culminated with the awards ceremony on December 5.  

More than 150 surfers from 15 countries came to Surf City El Salvador with a common goal: to get the best score in the last date of the ALAS PRO TOUR continental circuit in its Open Men, Open Ladies, Longboard and Junior categories.  

For 4 days, Punta Roca, the spot with «one of the best right handers in the world», was the location where all the participants who have competed in the competitions were concentrated. A spot that has already received different national, regional and world surfing championships, among them, other calls of the ALAS PRO TOUR.  

Bryan Pérez

The categories   

After the continental circuit toured Mexico, Peru and Brazil, Surf City El Salvador ALAS PRO Tour has closed the competition calendar for this year 2021. The categories of this championship have been:   

  • Open Men.  
  • Open Ladies.  
  • Junior.  
  • Longboard.  

The competitors   

The competition gathered surfers from different locations of the American continent with the same objective: to compete and achieve a good position in the ranking. More than 150 surfers joined the competition.   

In the Open Men category we have had enough Salvadoran representation in the hand of Bryan Perez, Porfirio Miranda, Samuel Areníval, Daniel Monterrosa, Manuel Rivas, Jorge Rivas, Francisco Martinez, Alejandro Martinez, Erickson Ortiz, Josue Molina, Juan Carlos Ramos and Jonathan Ernesto Arias.   

Regarding the Open Ladies category, we had representation from El Salvador with Vanessa Cortes, Julissa Castillo, Fabiola Salmerón, Sophia Ramos and Estrella Castro.   

In the Junior category we also had a great Salvadoran representation with Alejandro Martinez, Franklin Martinez, Marvin Rodriguez, German Gonzales, Axel Eduardo, Edgar Escobar, Brandon Mendoza, Miguel Navarro, Jason Molina and Emerson Martinez.   

And finally, in the Longboard category, Amado de Jesús Alvarado and Gerardo Alexis Castro Aguirre represented us, obtaining a very good position in the ranking and achieving the same amount of points.   

From Surf City El Salvador we want to congratulate the Salvadoran competitors and the representatives of all America for the great effort and high performance. Always proud of our representatives in all competitions and categories and to open our home to athletes with so much talent.  



  1. Miguel Tudela – Perú 
  2. Alonso Correa – Perú 
  3. Francisco Bellorin – Venezuela   
  4. Ryan Kainalo – Brazil   
  5. Tomás King – Costa Rica  
  6. Jean Carlos González – Panamá  


  1. Sol Aguirre – Perú 
  2. Havanna Cabrero – Puerto Rico   
  3. Analí Gómez – Perú 
  4. Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro – Brazil  
  5. Lucia Cosoleto – Argentina  


  1. Tao Rodriguez – Panamá  
  2. Ryan Kainalo – Brazil   
  3. Sam Reidy – Costa Rica  
  4. Darshan Antequera – Costa Rica   
  5. Tosh Talbot – Canadá  


  1. Martin Perez – Argentina   
  2. Piccolo Clemente – Perú 
  3. Tzahi Poo Vazquez – Mexico   
  4. Sebastian Cardenas – Perú 
  5. William Saldaña – Perú 


  1. Cristiana Pires – Brazil   
  2. Maina Thompson – Brazil  
  3. Maria Fernanda Reyes – Perú 
  4. Rayane Amaral – Brazil   
  5. Evelyn Neves – Brazil    


  1. Tamil Martino – Perú 
  2. Sebastian Gomez – Perú 
  3. Vania Torres – Perú
  4. Esteban Rubio – Perú 
  5. Lucia Cosoleto – Argentina   
  6. Rodrigo Dibos – Perú  

The Longboard Women and SUP Surf categories, this year had only one date in this competition. The first one took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and SUP Surf in Punta Rocas, Perú.   

If you want to know the complete ranking of the 2021 circuit of all participants, you can take a look at the website of the Wings Pro Tour 2021.   

Biosecurity measures first and foremost   

The event organized by ALAS PRO TOUR 2021 together with the government of El Salvador, took a series of biosecurity measures to ensure the health of all participants, companions and staff who contributed during the 4 days of competition.   

In Surf City El Salvador we are very committed and committed to responsible tourism. During these days, biosecurity protocols against the pandemic were intensified; such as the use of masks, use of disinfectant gel, hand washing and the recommended social distancing, in addition to requesting the COVID certificate to all competitors. The Salvadoran government published a communiqué prior to the start of Surf City El Salvador ALAS PRO with a series of recommendations and an update of the requirements for entry into the country. 

Surf City El Salvador, official venue  

During the days leading up to the competition, Surf City worked hard to prepare all the venues in the area. In addition, a variety of facilities were offered, both for tourists and competitors, from transportation to car rental and Internet or telephone connection. Also, our delicious and traditional food together with the warmth of all our people, have made it the ideal spot for the contestants and the attending public. 

SURFCITY, venue of the ALAS PRO TOUR 2021

The competition stage had different areas adapted to all needs, from the judges’ area, located on top of the tower for better visibility, to the contestants’ area, where they could stretch and pre-competition preparation and even enjoy a massage area and medical professional, in case of injuries.  

An atmosphere of national pride and admiration was created, with a presentation of all the flags of the participating countries. In addition, everyone who came to enjoy the ALAS PRO TOUR 2021 could perceive the purest tradition of the country, the people, the food and an unbeatable climate.   

In Surf City El Salvador we are very proud to be able to offer our best areas and waves for world class events. In June 2021, we hosted the ISA World Surfing Games and now in December the closing of the ALAS PRO TOUR 2021, events that bring us great pride and national prestige, and challenge us to offer a better service in each new challenge. Therefore, we hope to continue providing our facilities, waves and experience in event coverage, to all upcoming surfing events that are presented in this new 2022.