Adventure guaranteed in Surf City El Salvador

A country full of wild nature to explore

In Surf City El Salvador we are very lucky to have a landscape full of vegetation and wild nature to explore and discover. If you are an intrepid adventurous and fan of discovering new places, you can’t miss this blog!

We share with you recommendations of spectacular destinations to live great adventures exploring Surf City El Salvador.


  • Ilopango Lake

This is the largest lake in El Salvador, located between the departments of San Salvador, Cuscatlán and La Paz. It is a fantastic lake of volcanic origin that offers a spectacular landscape of vegetation.

Here you can enjoy a lot of unique activities and adventures, from some more relaxing to others full of adrenaline. You can take a refreshing swim, go fishing, horseback riding, hiking in the surroundings, kayaking, boating, diving to discover the depths of the lake, jet skiing… And if that’s not enough, you can also camp in the area to complete your adventure.

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  • El Escuco Waterfalls

El Escuco is an impressive 80-meter waterfall that will conquer you.

With just a short walk through a pleasant green and colorful landscape, you will reach these waterfalls. Here you can relax admiring the views offered by the waterfall, refresh yourself by taking a dip in its pool and for the more adventurous, discover it by rappelling!

Experience a unique climbing experience through the huge water curtains, large rocks, thick vegetation and slippery terrain – a real challenge for the most adventurous!

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  • Eramon Hill

It is an ideal destination for mountain tourism, since here you can make a variety of hiking trails through the forest area while enjoying some of the best views of the island. And during the tour you will find a spectacular view of different destinations in El Salvador.

At the top you can see the Lempa River, the Sumpul River and the Chinchontepec, San Salvador, Guazapa and Chaparrastique volcanoes. And from the west side, you will have views of the Izalco volcano, Cerro Verde, Ilamatepec volcano and El Chingo volcano.

In addition, the more adventurous can camp in the area to continue exploring the place and enjoy the fantastic sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from the summit.

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  • Cayaguanca Rock

It is a rock formation of 1,621 meters above sea level that offers beautiful landscapes and spectacular views. At the top you can see some volcanoes, hills, villages and rivers.

To get to the top you must hike for about an hour and a half through a rustic and ascending terrain. Thus, it is not a destination for everyone and is especially suitable for expert hikers who have stamina, strength and lots of energy.

In addition to hiking, more advanced users can also practice rappelling or climbing.

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  • Izalco Volcano

The Izalco volcano is a special destination for the most intrepid and curious, as it allows a close-up view of the crater of this volcano, which measures 250 meters in diameter.

It is the youngest active volcano in El Salvador and the world, located at 1,950 meters above sea level, with a slope of 45º, located within the Cerro Verde National Park.

To reach the top, you have to follow a medium-level hiking route that you can complete with other routes to enjoy the many natural attractions offered by the park.

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Do you dare to venture out and explore these places?

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