5 must-see you can’t miss if you visit Surf City

Spectacular beaches, wild nature, adventure and much more.

Are you planning to come to El Salvador this holiday? In the following blog we leave you with 5 must-see you can’t miss if you visit Surf City: the world’s surfing paradise.


For starters, did you know that…? El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and stands out for its unique coastline. A 321 km long coastline with cliffs, rocks and protected coves that promote the creation and formation of high waves of excellent shape and a high level and quality ideal for surfing.

This characteristic makes Surf City El Salvador the world’s surfing paradise. Here are 5 «must» destinations that you must visit when you come to El Salvador.


1. El Tunco Beach

El Tunco Beach is considered the world’s surfing destination because of the great quality of its waves. It is one of the most visited beaches by local and foreign tourists, and international surfers can’t miss it at all.

This beach stands out for its famous rock, around which small and gentle waves are formed, ideal for surfing beginners. However, it is also one of the favourite beaches for more experienced surfers because of the waves that can form up to 3.5 metres.

In addition, along this beach there is a varied and lively atmosphere that mixes the culture and traditional spirit of the country with its visitors from all over the world.

In short, your ideal destination if you are a surfing enthusiast.

Interested in hotels and restaurants in the area? Here are our best recommendations.


2. El Zonte Beach

This is another very touristy beach, but it still preserves its traditional bohemian style. The landscape of El Zonte beach is very particular, since, due to its volcanic origin, its beaches are black sand and you can find several caves. In addition, the cliffs and tongues of rock that jut out into the sea frame its limits, which makes it even more original.

It is an ideal beach for surfing, with all kinds of waves for all levels. The most outstanding are fast, powerful and long waves that can reach a height of 3.5 metres and short, sloping waves on the beach breakers.

Beyond the small estuary, to the west, there are private ranches and several small hotels where you can spend the day if you are not interested in surfing.


3. Lake Coatepeque

If you visit El Salvador, another destination that you must visit is the Lake of Coatepeque, a lake of volcanic origin with a great natural wealth that is characterized by the particularity that its waters change from blue to turquoise green every so often.

It is a highly recommended destination for its views and for the great diversity of activities you can do in the middle of nature. For the more adventurous, you can kayak, jet ski, scuba dive or go boating. You can also enjoy the views of the lake and all the surrounding vegetation by hiking, trekking or cycling.


4. Conchuaga Volcano

Another destination not to be missed is the Conchagua volcano. With an altitude of 1,242 metres above sea level, it stands out for its impressive views of Honduras, Nicaragua and the Gulf of Fonseca. In addition, during the sunsets, spectacular landscapes full of colours are created.

Its privileged views towards Honduras, Nicaragua and the Gulf of Fonseca make the Conchagua Volcano a unique experience. Its name in Lenca language means «narrow valley», although according to other versions, its name derives from the deformation of the name of a local heroine called Comizahual, which means «the tiger that flies».

To get to the top of the volcano you can hike while enjoying the vegetation and landscapes or use the 4×4 vehicle service in the area.

It is a very good option to spend a day surrounded by nature and enjoying the wonderful views.


5. Walter Thilo Deininger Adventure Park

A unique and incomparable destination located in the middle of nature, highly recommended for the most adventurous and adrenaline lovers, which offers a wide variety of extreme sports and activities full of strong emotions: mountain biking, rappel, zip line…

It is also ideal for those who are looking to relax and enjoy in peace and quiet. You can relax and enjoy the pleasant climate by hiking or taking short excursions through the park, which has more than 1,074 blocks of land. One of the most beautiful hikes is the «El Mirador del Pacífico» route that ends at a lookout point where you can enjoy a great panoramic view. Another is the Amayo River which ends at the crystal clear waters of the «El Salto» waterfall where you can cool off and take a refreshing break.


Would you like to see these top 5 spots live? We’ll be waiting for you at Surf City. Discover more places to visit, guided tours and all our recommendations to stay in the best hotels and enjoy our gastronomy in the best restaurants and bars in El Salvador Travel. And visit our website to find out all the beaches of Surf City and the secrets to practice and enjoy a good surf.