Post surf plans in Surf City El Salvador

A thousand plans await you in Surf City El Salvador


What to do after an intense day of surfing?

In Surf City El Salvador a thousand plans are waiting for you to make your day perfect. Discover our proposals for after surfing or to spend a weekend full of new experiences. Relaxing, touristic or lively plans, there is something for everyone!


Practicing yoga

Yoga is a great option to relax after a good dose of surfing. This activity, in addition to relaxing, also helps to increase well-being and inner peace.

In addition, yoga can be a very good practice for surfers, since it allows correcting posture, increasing flexibility and improving coordination, elements that are very necessary for the practice of surfing.

Do you want to know which are the best locations to do yoga? There are different closed spots in El Tunco, such as the Balancé Hotel studio in El Tunco that offers daily classes, or instructors in El Zonte with whom you can enjoy a good yoga session.


Enjoying a relaxing bath

Another ideal option to relax after the intensity of a day of surfing is to enjoy a relaxing swim in the natural saltwater pools at Atami, La Curva de Don Gere, Acantilados or in the caves of El Zonte.

Also, if you like natural pools, we recommend the Santa Teresa hot springs as a day tour, as it is almost 2 hours away from the typical surfing areas. It is a spa and hotel located in Ahuachapán with 30 thermal pools where you can relax, as they offer relaxing massages and kaolinite baths to provide vitality and rejuvenation.


Discovering the streets of charming towns and villages

If after surfing you want to explore and sightseeing in the area, you can go to walk the streets of towns and cities such as Suchitoto, and villages of the Ruta de las Flores: Apaneca, Juayúa and Ataco. They are charming places, full of life, vegetation and picturesque places where you can enjoy a lot of activities.

Another option is to travel to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, where you will find a wide variety of leisure, cultural and shopping options.

However, if you want to discover them in depth, we recommend that you visit these towns and cities as a day tour so as not to miss anything.


Cultural outings

For the more intellectuals and those who want to delve deeper and discover more about the culture of our country, you can choose to visit museums such as the Anthropology Museum, the Art Museum, the Railway Museum... Check out all the options!

In addition, you can enjoy cultural visits in the Historic Center of San Salvador, which has magnificent buildings from the colonial era that will transport you to the past, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, the National Theater, El Rosario Church…

You can also leave this for a day tour and have all the time you need to get to know the area.


See a spectacular sunset

In Surf City El Salvador we can admire spectacular sunsets almost daily to relax and unwind. And the best thing is that they can be seen on the same beaches where surfing, some of the beaches where you can see a good sunset are El Tunco, El Zonte, Km 59, San Blas, Taquillo, El Majahual.

However, if you have time and can get a little further away from the area, the best sunsets are found on the beaches of Sonsonate, 1 hour drive from La Libertad. In Sonsonate we can highlight beaches like Barra Salada, Costa Azul, Metalío, Los Cóbanos, very beautiful and easy to reach.

Another option, further away and as a day plan, is the Conchagua volcano, which offers spectacular views of Honduras, Nicaragua and the Gulf of Fonseca, where the sunrises are unique and colorful.


Going out for a drink

If you like the nightlife, you can go out and enjoy drinks and parties in the area of El Zonte or El Tunco, where you will find a wide variety of restaurant options, traditional and international food stalls, bars and nightclubs serving all kinds of cocktails.

You can also visit the capital San Salvador, just 30 minutes from Surf City La Libertad. In the center of this city, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere and entertainment plans and gastronomy. Other destinations are Zona Rosa, San Benito or Merliot.


Which plan do you like best?

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