Sweet Adventure: Surf City El Salvador on the big screen

«Sweet Adventure», the surf movie directed by Peter Hamblin that takes you to discover the secrets of Surf City El Salvador

Sweet Adventure is a movie produced by Peter Hamblin, Brouddys Films and Surf City El Salvador that starts now its world tour; enjoy the waves of Surf City El Salvador on the big screen with this new surf movie.

We tell you all about it in this blog post!

The movie about Surf City El Salvador

The Sweet Adventure movie was developed with the aim of positioning our country as a unique destination for surfers from all over the world.

Thus, the main protagonists of the film are surfing and the beaches that show all the potential that Surf City El Salvador offers; a country where surfers of all levels and ages can surf and enjoy spectacular waves, mainly right and left, 365 days a year.

Directed with the spectacular cinematographic technique of filmmaker Peter Hamblin, in Sweet Adventure we join surfers like Albee Layer, Matt Meola and skateboarder Nora Vasconcellos on a journey through different points and destinations in El Salvador in search of the perfect wave. In addition, the film features the appearance of several Salvadoran surfers such as Bryan Perez, Manuel Rivas and Marcelo Castellanos.

Narrated by the all-knowing voice of Selema Masekela, Sweet Adventure becomes a film of travel, adventure and friendship in Surf City El Salvador where you can admire the technique of great surfers, delve into the lifestyle of El Salvador, get to know hidden places and make new discoveries of the country.

The inaugural event and premiere

The world premiere of Sweet Adventure took place on December 3, 2021, at the London Surf Film Festival international event, where it won first prize.

On the other hand, the official premiere of the film was held last July 14 at the Brain Dead Theater in Los Angeles in a first private screening for the California surf community.

The premiere was opened by the film’s main actors Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Nora Vasconcellos and Selema Masekela and gathered more than 150 connoisseurs, practitioners and passionate fans of this sport who were the first to enjoy this film.

After this first debut, Sweet Adventure was presented on July 21 at The Syndicated Theatre Brooklyn in New York, a meeting place for the surfing community of New York, Long Island and New Jersey that concentrates more than 150,000 practitioners.

Thanks to its success and excellent filmmaking, the film has been recognized with more than 7 awards on the Surf Film Festival circuit around the world, from London to Australia, and most recently at the Toronto Beaches Film Festival (TBFF) as «Best Surfing Feature Film».

New dates

The promotion of the film continues and is heading to a world tour that will take it to new and emblematic destinations in the United States, South Africa, Europe and Australia, so that the different surfing communities can get to know Surf City El Salvador through the big screen and discover all its virtues.

If you are passionate about surfing and want to get to know El Salvador up close, you can’t miss it! For now, we leave you the trailer here.

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